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Erin Batchelor

Hello! I'm Erin. I have a love for cats, pineapple on pizza, and travel! I'm a huge nerd about psychology and medical dramas. Along with being a television show binger, I am also a huge fan of reading and can finish a book in one sitting!

2023 Summer 1
Home University:
Rhodes College
Memphis, TN

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This is an image of the Schönbrunn palace from the side.
Erin Batchelor,

Vienna: Afterthoughts

After a summer in Vienna, I share some thoughts and some advice for how to make the most of the trip. I also talk about what it was like coming back to the...

This is an image of a tram in Vienna decorated in the color of the rainbow for pride and attendees of the pride parade.
Erin Batchelor,

Celebrating Pride in Austria

Summer in Austria means that it is time to celebrate Pride! The city of Vienna hosts a huge parade that welcomes everyone, and I had the chance to attend this...

This is an image of the Schönbrunn palace from above, with the city of Vienna behind it.
Erin Batchelor,

Wandering Vienna

Sometimes it is hard to decide what to do next when you are abroad! This post shares a couple of tips for finding new experiences, and I share some of my...