Preparing for a Summer in Vienna

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Erin Batchelor
June 1, 2023
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If you are reading this post, chances are the thought of getting ready for a summer in another country is a bit daunting to you. Don’t worry! It is something that was stressful for me as well so I thought that I would share a few tips that have helped me in preparing to travel.

            Packing is the most important part! Most of us have dealt with having to move all our stuff to and from school, but going abroad can be a little different. It isn’t as easy to run back home or get forgotten items mailed to you. So when packing it is important that you have all of your essentials covered and that anything that you may have missed is something that you can buy when you are abroad. Obviously, your identification, passport, copies of your passport, a wallet, and phone are the essentials, but beyond that, what do you need?

            Ask yourself, is there something I use that I don’t think I could easily replace when abroad? For me, I have become very attached to my shampoo and conditioner, as well as some other hygiene products. If you can’t fit a full-size bottle in a checked bag, and you may not want to due to potential spillage, try to find a travel sized version! If there are no travel sized options, most stores sell bottles that are the approved size for liquids in a carryon bag. I also wear corrective lenses, so I made sure that I had enough contacts packed for the trip, and my glasses. This isn’t something that you can easily obtain abroad! Other essentials may include your favorite clothes, small sentimental objects, or anything that you deem necessary, as well as wall adapters.

            Speaking of clothes, it may be easy to become overwhelmed when deciding what to bring. Do you really need 10+ pairs of pants? How many pairs of shoes is too many? A good rule I followed when deciding what stayed at home or traveled with me is this: if I don’t wear it when I’m at home, I probably won’t wear it abroad! It’s better to wish you had one shirt for one occasion than bring a bunch of clothes that you don’t end up wearing and limit your ability to bring things home! I stuck to basics and clothes that I knew I wore often. I brought a couple outfits for nicer occasions, but I decided to stick with my sandals and not pack any heels because I knew I could wear them every day or on a night out.

            When it came to fitting all my clothes into my luggage, I decided to invest in packing cubes! I was surprised to see just how much easier it made packing. My clothes were organized, and I found that I had a lot more room for last minute decisions and anything I decide to bring back! Instead of having to sit on my suitcase to be able to zip it, I was able to close my bag and zip it with ease! The packing cubes also prevent from my clothes exploding everywhere when I open my suitcase. If you have trouble staying organized while packing, it is something I recommend! I also like to roll my clothes instead of folding them and I have found that it also saves on the amount of space. These tips are great for getting the most into your luggage, but also be sure that you aren’t going over the weight limit!

            As long as you have your basics covered, they should take you a long way. Packing can be very daunting but just keep it as simple as possible and you should be fine! Besides, you are about to study abroad! Forgetting one small thing will not ruin that.

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Headshot of Erin Batchelor hugging a dog

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