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<p>My name is Claire. I am a thrill seeking millennial that is out to experience all the world has to offer. This blog will chronicle the greatest adventure of my life so far, a semester in Cape Town, South Africa. I have no idea what to expect, but my love for traveling and trying new things, as well as learning from the people around me has pushed me off the beaten path, and onto something completely new. Here&#39;s to the next six months of my life, I hope every moment is as unpredictable as I am.</p>

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THE Gossip Squad in all of our glory.
Claire Quinn,

An Ode to my South Africans

The friends I made abroad changed my life. They are unlike any people I have met around the world, and they will continue to impact my life, no matter where we...

Strong Women Mosaic in Cape Town
Claire Quinn,

Strong Women Power South Africa

Over the course of this semester, through my IES Abroad class, I was able to work with South African women that showed me the true meaning of personal strength...

Claire Quinn,

Hello, Mr. Ambassador.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to meet Patrick Gaspard, the United States Ambassador to South Africa. Myself, along with a few other American students were...

fallback blogs
Claire Quinn,

Back to School

I think that one of the most important things I’ve learned from studying abroad is that being a small fish in a big pond is daunting, but pushing yourself to be...

fallback blogs
Claire Quinn,

This is Africa

South Africa pushes you far beyond your comfort zone and teaches you more about yourself than any other place in the world.

fallback blogs
Claire Quinn,

Home is where your Suitcase is?

How do you pack for a half of a year of your life in a place you've never been that experiences all four seasons in a few months? This new place, Cape Town, SA...