A Roundup of my Favorite Photos from South Africa

Claire Quinn
December 15, 2016

Living and studying in Cape Town was truly the experience of a lifetime. The friends I made, the memories I have, and the new things I elarned have helped me to become a global citizen that is much more aware of what the world is really like. Here are some photos that can help to articulate these experiences and all of the beutiful places and things I was able to witness in my 5 months abroad.

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Claire Quinn

<p>My name is Claire. I am a thrill seeking millennial that is out to experience all the world has to offer. This blog will chronicle the greatest adventure of my life so far, a semester in Cape Town, South Africa. I have no idea what to expect, but my love for traveling and trying new things, as well as learning from the people around me has pushed me off the beaten path, and onto something completely new. Here&#39;s to the next six months of my life, I hope every moment is as unpredictable as I am.</p>

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