Christena Carollo

<p>Hello, I&rsquo;m Christena, a 4th-year journalism student at the University of Florida, who has decided to spend a semester experiencing the wonders of Dublin, Ireland. I am passionate about traveling, food, reading, writing and experiencing new and beautiful cultures. I&rsquo;m a 21-year-old with a thirst for knowledge and adventure, and I&rsquo;m excited to share all that I find abroad! Happy readings and a jolly good day to you!</p>

2016 Fall
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University of Florida

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Christena Carollo,

Midterm Guidance: Call me Guru

Midterms are here. So first things first, don't stress -- easier said than done, right? Well, don't stress too much. Allow me to offer you some advice on...

fallback blogs
Christena Carollo,

A Guide to Home

Have you found yourself missing home while abroad or are worried this might happen? Or maybe you are feeling a little off and detached lately? Well, I have some...

Field trips in Ireland
Christena Carollo,

Bonding in Ireland

One of the great benefits of IES Abroad, is the promise of field trips that will focus on culture, friendship and exploration in your host country. And the...