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Located on the Loire River, Nantes—France’s sixth largest city—has all the amenities of a big city: world-class museums, breathtaking cathedrals, a great public transportation system, and even its own château. But the best thing about Nantes for study abroad? It’s small enough to feel like home.

Before long, you’re blending in with local residents and university students, and saying “bonjour” to the shop keepers you pass on your way to class every day. This livable, accessible, and exciting city was the official EU 2013 Green Capital. It’s something to celebrate when you study abroad in Nantes and can get around easily on the bus, tram, or by foot.

Immerse yourself in French language and culture in this city full of history and vibrant city life. You won’t want to leave. Dreaming of French food, culture, and city life?

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Nantes - French Language Immersion & Area Studies

Spring 2019, Fall 2019
Language prerequisites: 
4 or more semesters of college-level French
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Nantes's Top Five

Sample the Delicacies of Nantes

For instance, try the galettes de blé noir, savory buckwheat crêpes filled with eggs, cheese, and ham.

Shop the Passage Pommeraye

Named because it serves as a link between two streets, this spectacularly ornate and elaborate little shopping mall is stunning, whether you’re here to shop or just passing through.

Chateau des Ducs de Bretagne

With beautiful gardens surrounding the moat and a fascinating museum of Nantes’ history inside, this impressive castle is a must see.

Cruise Down the River

Since Nantes is right on the Loire River, a scenic boat cruise down the estuary to the nearby Atlantic Ocean is a great way to spend a few hours.

Ride the Great Elephant at Les Machines de L'Ile de Nantes

This collection of gigantic and whimsical mechanical beasts is something you’ll only find here in Nantes.

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