Berlin Take One

Zac Spink
November 26, 2017
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Song: “First Blood” by Kavinsky

So, back from the dead, I have the first of many videos to show you! In this video, I’ll be showing some of the activities I got up to in my first week abroad! Now, with it being almost December it may seem like an odd choice to show my first week, but as you may have realized this is only my second upload so why not continue where I left off? In this video I show my arrival to Berlin and some of the sights I found to be the most interesting. The transportation system here in Berlin is really something I’m going to miss back in the States, as it is run well and can get you anywhere in the city with ease. I attempted to capture a more “every day” experience for the most part, except for my Host’s Friend’s birthday party towards the middle. I have another video I’m finishing up now all about one of Germany’s main events: Oktoberfest. After that I’m thinking that some videos will focus on Museums and Art here in Berlin, some of the incredibly exciting nightlife and the upcoming winter markets! Until then though, I hope you enjoy some of the first videos I took here in Berlin!

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Zac Spink

<p>I have always loved photography, which I view as capturing tiny moments for later reflection. With video, I get to make those moments accessible to those who weren't there when the photo was taken. Being able to make my experiences accessible to others is something I never thought about until I was told by seemingly all of my friends' parents how they wish they were able to do what I was doing (a roadtrip across the country).&nbsp;</p>

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