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Pre-departure Guide to Yours Truly

4 Sep 2017

Hallo! Guten Morgen, Tag oder Abend! My name is Zac and this is an introduction to just who the hell I think I am. In this video you’ll learn such important facts and my interests and even where I go to school. You’ll also see a heartbreaking moment between me and my dog Gus. If you’re still reading this, which you’d have to be to read that, I might as well summarize the video given you very clearly love to read. My name is Zachary Spink but I go by Zac and I will be attending the IES Abroad Berlin program this Fall (2017). I’m a video correspondent for the program and I’m hoping to show anyone whose interested about the abroad experience what I’ve taken away from it. I’m a rising Junior at Franklin & Marshall College with a declared major in Neuroscience, minor of German Language and Culture, and I’m on the pre-med track. I enjoy making videos, photography, music of all kinds, movies, TV, video games and much more!! I have a lot of things planned for these videos and I’m hoping that you’ll enjoy watching them as much as I enjoy making them! So until the next time, tschüss!

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I’ll never forget my first few days in Australia – dry heat, cars driving on the left side of the road, a cruise on the habour, and jumping from one beach to the next.

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Nov 17 1:16pm

Falling In Love And Breaking Your Heart In A Foreign Country

by Jessica Duska

This isn't your typical love story, in fact it is more of a love tragedy. I never expected to come to Argentina and fall in love, but sometimes these things happen and obviously you can't control it.

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Real Talk About Culture Shock

by Morgan Mccullough

Culture shock is not always very obvious and easy to recognize. Sometimes it is sneaky and seeps into you like a draft.

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Nov 15 3:31am

Figuring out how to eat paella

by Abigail

We weaved through the hanging scarves and bowls of spices of the outdoor vendors to reach our final destination of the day and appease our growling stomachs. I had designed the perfect “authentic” Barcelona day for my visiting friends, but it wasn’t exactly going as planned.

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Happy Home-stay

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When I was researching programs for a second study abroad adventure, I had many factors new to take into account. This time, I was going into my senior year, and had very few options in terms of classes.

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Singles' Day

by Jason Renner

Being in China has meant that I have missed a lot of American holidays and occasions. Spending these holidays in China has been interesting because they are either not celebrated or celebrated in a different way.

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