Field Trip to Andalucia and La Mancha!

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October 9, 2023
Setas de Sevilla

Along with the 2 previous orientation trips, this trip in October was organized by the IES Abroad Salamanca staff, and it was one of my favorite trips around Spain. Read along to learn more about our journey to Sevilla, Granada, and La Mancha!


Sevilla: Day 1

After a few hours on the bus, our first destination was Sevilla. I was initially shocked by the hot weather that lasted until the first weekend of October, but the beautiful sights and architecture of this location made me forget about the temporary discomfort of the heat.

  1. Plaza de España: From my trip, this location was my favorite. I was mesmerized by the beautiful architecture that surrounds the entire plaza. Going around the entire plaza and looking at the benches for each Spanish city was very fun to do, and make sure to go look for Salamanca as well!
  2. Santa Cruz district: We had a guided tour of this old Jewish quarter in Sevilla. The maze of beautiful buildings in this neighborhood is a must-see site in Sevilla, and I was so glad we got to explore this area.
  3. Sevilla Cathedral & La Giralda: Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to visit the cathedral because I missed the opening time, but it’s a must-see if you have any free time to explore the city! This cathedral was built over what was a mosque, and you will also find the tomb of Columbus inside.
  4. Setas de Sevilla: I stumbled into this cool plaza when I was wandering the area near our hotel. The unique cover over the plaza is really worth seeing, and you can also buy tickets to go up the structure at night to look at the beautiful lights above!


Granada: Day 2

Our second destination was Granada, and the rich history of this city made the visit extra enjoyable for me. For some context, Granada was the last city in the Muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus to fall to the Catholic kings in 1492, marking the end of Muslim rule in the Iberian Peninsula.

  1. Alhambra: At the heart of this city was the palace of Alhambra, and we were able to explore this place during our trip. Upon entering this magnificent palace, I was speechless from the beginning to end from the overpowering beauty of the Islamic architecture, modern engineering of the palace that was established in medieval times, and the harmony that this palace formed with the surrounding nature. This was my FAVORITE site during this entire trip!
  2. Albaicin Neighborhood: At night, we had the opportunity to experience a guided tour of this area. It is characterized by its history of being the old Arab quarter in Granada, and the narrow, hilly streets were filled with endless beauty. In addition, there is a beautiful view of the Alhambra in this neighborhood!
  3. Flamenco Show: To conclude the Granada trip, we got to see a live flamenco show as a group! This was a wonderful experience where I got to immerse myself in the Andalucian culture. I would say seeing a flamenco show is a must-do activity in Spain!

La Mancha: Day 3

On our way back from Andalucia, we stopped by Molinos de Viento de Consuegra in La Mancha to see the historic windmills! For some historical context, these windmills are well known for their appearance in the famous novel Don Quixote by Cervantes. It was really cool to look at the massive windmills located on hills, and inside there are tourist shops and stairs where you can go up the windmill for a view!

This last group trip with IES Abroad Salamanca was a great experience where I got to explore so many diverse regions of Spain during the weekend!

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