Salisbury, Stonehenge, Bath

Thomas Gongol
February 9, 2015

Hey you! Yes you, person reading this. GO ON THIS TRIP. This was another one of the organized trips (I'll eventually get to posting about the adventures I've been doing around London on my own) and it was awesome! We left early Saturday and went to Salisbury and Stonehenge, stayed overnight in Bath, and then got back around 5 on Sunday.

So to start, the drives all weekend were awesome, I'm a suburbanite and am definitely used to more grass and less skyscrapers so for me it was really nice to get out of the city for a couple of days. The English countryside is beautiful and though I'm not going to pretend that I don't fall asleep within fifteen minutes of riding on a bus, but what I did see made me excited to get out of the city more. 

Salisbury is a quaint little town and there’s a market with awesome food. Get the burrito and then contact IES for my email when you want to thank me later. 

On to my favo(u)rite part, Stonehenge. Contrary to popular belief it's not just a pile of rocks, it's a pile of rocks.... and mystery. It's hard to describe, but it's really cool to see something that is steeped in so much history but at the same time we know so little about it. While others may not have appreciated it quite as much as I did it's something you have to see for yourself. (Side note there’s a great –if not the most appropriate - song about Stonehenge from Ylvis –the what does the fox say guy on youtube).

Lastly there was Bath. Another very cool site, in my opinion the town was cooler than the Roman Bath itself. That's not to say however, that the Baths themselves were not awesome. It's very interesting to see such an architecturally beautiful city with it’s own very cool history surrounding what was once part of the Roman Empire. Bath was one of those towns you’d be happy winding up in or spending long periods of time in. This trip also has me starting my souvenir collection of old-timey travel posters so be on the lookout for that in a post towards the end of my semester.

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