OWLS (and Hawks and Eagles) - Photos

Thomas Gongol
April 26, 2015
Champions of Freedom

Well here it is. Sorry for the delay, turns out wifi in Italian hotels is pretty bad regardless of if you're in Venice, Florence, or Rome (if you're lost read my last post). Without further ado, here are the photos from the English School of Falconry.

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Thomas Gongol

<p>Hey everyone! My name is Tommy Gongol, I&#39;m a Junior at Penn State. I&#39;m spending my spring 2015 in London with IES and am going to be documenting my semester with photos and videos. A little about myself, I&#39;m a finance major but am interested in the business side of film and television, I am on the club frisbee team and in a business fraternity while at school. With what little free time I have left I love taking pictures and making videos.</p>

2015 Spring
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