97 Photos Before London

Thomas Gongol
January 16, 2015

It was with a lot of trepidation that I began packing for London, having never been from home for this long and not really knowing anyone on my program. I think a little part of me felt like until I was packed it wasn't official. However, knowing that some great adventures were ahead of me I had to bite the bullet and get it done. I wasn't sure what to make as my predeparture video and wanted something more interesting than me sitting infront of a screen and telling you all how excited I am and how I hope London is like this or that. Instead, I decided I would make a timelapse of myself (okay and maybe guest-starring some helpers)  packing. The video has all the qualities of a hollywood blockbuster and answers some tough questions like, "will he fit it all in his suitcase?" "Is the jacket he brought going to be warm enough?" "How frequently will he have to do laundry with that amount of underwear?" So without further ado, here are the 97 photographs I took before boarding a flight to London (sorry about the audio quality in this one the GoPro case muffles sound a little more than I thought).

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Thomas Gongol

<p>Hey everyone! My name is Tommy Gongol, I&#39;m a Junior at Penn State. I&#39;m spending my spring 2015 in London with IES and am going to be documenting my semester with photos and videos. A little about myself, I&#39;m a finance major but am interested in the business side of film and television, I am on the club frisbee team and in a business fraternity while at school. With what little free time I have left I love taking pictures and making videos.</p>

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