The IES Abroad Student: An Unexpected Journey

Tessa Vande Creek
September 15, 2017
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My time in the southern hemisphere is absolutely speeding by, but I’m trying to hold on to every second of it!  Spring break (which is SO weird to say since my home university just started fall classes), was an absolutely spectacular time.  In this vlog, I take you with me all around the beautiful island of Rarotonga, where I was blessed enough to spend the first week of break.  Rarotonga is the biggest island in a group of fifteen, that make up the nation of the Cook Islands.  They are located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, and it took two plane rides (and a few car rides) to get us from Christchurch to Kii Kii Inn.  

During our week on the island, IES Abroad completely immersed us in the culture.  We went to a traditional church service, visited a primary school, and had lessons ranging from politics, to infrastructure, to whales.  My favorite part, however, was definitely seeing the beautiful, crystal clear water.  Coming from New Jersey, I have literally never seen water like that!  I wholeheartedly encourage going on the IES Abroad sponsored trip as part of your program.  You will get to see and do so, so much more than you would have traveling alone.  I hope you enjoy my vlog as much as I enjoyed filming it.  

PS: YES, the title of this post is an ode to a very special movie! Guess where I’ll be taking you on the next leg of my Spring Break journey?

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