My AMAZING Weekend in Livorno and in the Cinque Terre!

Taylor Penny
July 15, 2015

I never thought such a place in the world existed before I made a visit to the Cinque Terre. It was like being inside a post card; it didn’t seem real. While the rest of the students ventured off to Milano for the weekend, I decided to take a solo trip to experience the beautiful Italian Rivera!

I left early Friday morning and took a train to Livorno where I stayed at a B & B with a wonderful lady named Antonella. I was there for two nights and She made me dinner each night and prepared breakfast for me in bed! I felt like a princess. Friday afternoon we rode bike down the coast of Livorno and she was giving me a history lesson on all that the town had to offer.

Livorno was a small town created by the Medici Family, since they normally lived in Florence; they wanted a place to go in the summer that was near the sea. Along the coast you see huge beautiful villa that was occupied by the wealthy who followed the Medici family to Livorno.

We found a perfect little spot on the rocks where we put our feet in the sea and had a beautiful view of the sunset. Then we rode our bikes back to her home and she prepared a wonderful dinner for me. Then of course some gelato at the end. We sat at the table for two hours talking about life and both of our families. It was nice because she was very fluent in English, so it was nice to have a real conversation at dinner again. She also helped me plan out my trip to the Cinque Terre the following day.

I got up early and took a train to Monterosso, which is one of the five villages that Cinque Terre had to offer. It was beautiful and I just had to get a Piña Colada to make the moment perfect. I lay out on the beach for a little then I took a boat to the next village, which was Vernazza. This one was smaller but it still had a lot to offer. I went to walk around in the village and got some lunch and to look around at al the art history on the walls. I wasn’t there long until I got back on the boat to the next village called Manaorla but before we got to that one we passed by Cornilla and saw the little village in the mountains. There was no dock to get off on from the water. It is only accessible by walking. It was beautiful and I hope to go back one day to actually walk around that village. The village Riomaggiore was really awesome because there were big rocks people were jumping off of into the water. I made some friends and joined them all and it was scary at first but rewarding in the end! The next and final village of the Cinque Terre was… It was my favorite by far. There wasn’t a beach to lie out on but there were hug rocks to lie out on and to jump off of if you desire and of course I did. After swimming for a while, I needed to dry off before catching the train back to Livorno, so I went to walk around the village and it was beautiful. I wanted to stay longer but it just gives me an excuse to come back again one day.

I had a wonderful weekend in the Cinque Terre and I recommend it to everyone to at least plan to stay for two days. You can do it in one, but you will be rushing through. It was another jewel Italy had to offer that I had the pleasure of experiencing. 

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