Cinque Terre

Shannon Sunnergren
September 23, 2014

We traveled to the Cinque Terre Region of Italy last weekend and it was by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. We spent the weekend hiking, exploring, cooking, and at the beach. 10 of us rented an apartment through air b&b for the weekend and took a train to get there, which was very easy and affordable.

There are five towns in Cinque Terre, we hiked ten miles and visited three different ones. Each were unique but equally lush and all of the buildings were bright colors, leaving a breathtaking view. Swimming in the Mediterranean was so refreshing and beautiful. The water was so clear, and the sand was black rock.

They are famous for their pesto and their foccacia bread, which we ate plenty of. We tried pesto lasagne and Nutella foccacia. That alone made the weekend unforgettable, if I could spend every weekend relaxing and climbing in CT I would!

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Shannon Sunnergren

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