Am I ready?

Scott Durrwachter
January 13, 2017

This is the first time I've ever blogged, so I went all out and am wearing a sweater, with my Apple devices, listening to the Hamilton recording, in a local coffee shop. My former co-workers are so proud.

My name is Scott Durrwachter and I'm a junior majoring in Business Management, minoring in International Business, and will be studying the food and wine industries in Siena, Italy. I know, this stinks. I'll try to preemptively answer any questions you may have. No, I don't know a lick of Italian. But will my Spanish suffice? Some of the things I'm hoping to achieve is traveling to as many other countries over weekends that I can, find the best restaurant and café, and befriend and Italian grandmother who loves to cook. Old people are the best people.

In just a few days I'll be driving to Newark to begin my journey to Siena, Italy. While I've packed most of my things (still have to do a load to maximize my sock supply, why am I always limited by socks?) I still feel like I'm missing things. I'm sure that no matter how many times I check the recommended packing list I'll still feel like Neville Longbottom and that I forgot something. Speaking of the recommended packing list, I'm all for packing light and saving space, but 2-3 t-shirts? I live off of t-shirts. Sorry IES Abroad, I'm not going to do laundry twice a week.

Like I said before, I want to travel a good deal while over there. I won't have many opportunities to travel to so many diverse places as inexpensively as people tell me. My sister and brother-in-law just moved to England, and since she doesn't have a lot to do yet, hopefully she and I can meet up a couple times. We want to go to Ireland around St. Patrick's day, I've also always wanted to go to Scotland (I mean they named it after me, I have to at least see what it's all about.) And a friend studied in Germany this last summer and raved about Munich. Definitely want to check that out. After that we'll see if I have time to check out any other places. As much as I want to travel throughout Europe, I also want to explore Italy and build relationships there that can last.

Today is filled with seeing different friends and family members to say goodbye. It's funny, all the interactions make me feel like I'm not going to see them for an incredibly long time. Twelve weeks is long, but I'm used to not seeing some of these people for at least 8 weeks at a time, 12 isn't that much more. But what it really is an increase of difficulty to communicate or have access to these people. And I've already said the hardest goodbye to my long time girlfriend yesterday, so it's all downhill from here right?

The question remains if I'm ready. That's what everybody asks. If you are planning to go study abroad sometime be ready for that question. I'm sure everyone like me who are about to leave have different responses to that question, but I'd be surprised if many feet fully ready. I've packed the necessities, pretty sure I've talked to all the important people (bank, insurance groups, etc.) called Grandma in Florida, and will be visiting my Grandpa here in PA tomorrow. So yes, I'm ready, and I'm sure I've forgotten something, will remember something last second, and will still find out upon arrival that I forgot something else. But it's all good, I'm ready to adapt to whatever I need to, and will enjoy the process of living in another country. Ciao! (look at me learning things already!)

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Scott Durrwachter

<p>My name is Scott Durrwachter, and I am a junior at Penn State studying Business Management. I am studying abroad in Siena, Italy on the Business and Economics of the Food and Wine Industry (does it get any better than that?). My goals in Italy are to keep studying the coffee industry (especially espresso) and to befriend an Italian grandmother who loves to cook.</p>

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