Hidden Gems of Rabat

Sarah Miyahara
October 16, 2016

Allow me to act as a tour guide in this next post. As I’ve gotten used to living in Rabat, I have also been learning how to get around the city sans Google Maps, something I consider quite the accomplishment. It’s a good thing that I have come to acquire such a skill since I have also needed to prepare for friends and family to visit me here. Mentally, I have been making note of certain places to see and exciting things to do. Hopefully, this blog post will help me get an itinerary together that can satisfy the average American traveller.


As your virtual tour guide, let me start off by saying Rabat isn’t the end all, be all of Morocco. There are many other cities where one could get a true taste of Moroccan culture, or more touristy cities where one could say they went to Africa, without having to truly strain themselves. Rabat, though it is the capital, has little grand tourist sites to offer, and has overall been well developed where it doesn’t always have the “authentic Moroccan feel”, but, it’s been a great median to spend 4 months in. In that way, I see Rabat as the best of both worlds, where one can find history in the medina, while also getting to see Western influence at the Museum of Contemporary Art. With that said, I feel even more immersed in the culture and more a native rather than a tourist when I do find things to see/do in Rabat that the average traveller may not be aware of. Here are my top 5:


1. Hassan Tower


2. Kasbah


3. Museum of Contemporary Art


4. La Plage


5. Medina

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