25 Signs You Studied Abroad in Morocco

Sarah Miyahara
December 16, 2016
  1. You’ve mastered the old art of map reading since wifi rarely exists

  2. But even still, getting lost has become a major norm

  3. You refuse to pay more than 30 dirhams ($3) to get anywhere other than the airport

  4. You’ve gotten used to cold showers because whether or not the hot water works is always a mystery

  5. You can’t even count the amount of times that you’ve eaten something and you have no idea what it is

  6. Your bargaining skills have never been better

  7. Meloui has become a staple food for any meal

  8. Your host family doesn’t watch anything but Turkish soap operas on TV

  9. You’re constantly guessing meal times. Will dinner be at 6:00pm or 11:00pm, who knows?

  10. You never need an alarm clock because the call to prayer wakes you up at 5:00am everyday

  11. You eat 500 pounds of khobz with every meal every day

  12. It’s not uncommon for you to use Darija, FusHa, French, and English all in one sentence

  13. “First world problems” really have become first world problems to you

  14. You daydream of luxuries like refrigerated food and air conditioning

  15. What should be considered the most dangerous taxi ride of your life is just an average taxi ride for you

  16. Hawaii is your drink of choice

  17. You don’t bat an eye when you see a decapitated animal head on the street

  18. You’ve eaten literally every body part on a sheep

  19. You’ve almost broken an ankle too many times to count while walking in the medina

  20. You’ve never missed bacon more in your life

  21. Seeing a minimum of 20 cats on your walk to school is completely normal

  22. Couscous has become your 6th food group

  23. And mint tea isn’t just a drink, but a lifestyle

  24. Living in Morocco for 4 months is the hardest thing you’ve ever done, but at the same time, the most rewarding

  25. You’ll miss the friends you’ve made, and will hopefully see them again soon. Inshallah

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Sarah Miyahara

<p>Hello! I&#39;m Sarah Miyahara; originally Southern born, California raised, Chicago educated, and now Morocco living! Taking a break from life at Loyola University Chicago where I study International Studies, Political Science, and Peace Studies, to spend my first semester of my junior year abroad. I&#39;ve always loved photography, particularly because it&#39;s the only art I&#39;ve ever been good at, and now I can&#39;t wait to share my photos with you!</p>

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