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Nov 29 4:40pm

Joining the City of Writers

One of my goals in traveling to Dublin was to make some sort of progress on creative work. I can’t overstate how much I would recommend writing as a daily ritual for students abroad, regardless of what they are studying.

Nov 29 12:12pm

Pass the Spanish Turkey - A Tale of Thanksgiving Abroad

Post by Katie Moore

Spending Thanksgiving away from home is hard. Spending Thanksgiving in a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving is even harder. Being abroad during the holidays was certainly a unique experience, but I'm grateful for how we Americans rose to the occasion and made the best of our turkey day.

Nov 29 11:27am

Privilege Abroad

Post by Wade Suarez

I had my reservations about Dublin’s city center during my first few weeks. See, the general rule of thumb is—much like any other city—don’t go out at night by yourself, and for the most part, you’re left alone. The exception to that rule ranges from three feet to no more than five feet tall.

Nov 29 7:28am

Thanskgiving in Spain

Post by Marissa Talcott

Here are some of the ways I brought my favorite Thanksgiving festivities to my time in Spain.

Nov 29 5:57am

Love Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow: Dating Abroad

Post by Avery Trinidad

On establishing boundaries, having realistic expectations, and dating abroad.

Nov 28 3:07pm

New City, New Independence

This blog is about how I dealt with coming to London and how I have seen my confidence grow while being here. Also, I wanted to include examples of how I have been able to keep myself out of my comfort zone.