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Forgetting Freiburg

November 1, 2018

Hi Everyone,

This post was supposed to be about my new favorite European city, Brussels (which is amazing and everyone should visit and eat a thousand waffles) but while thinking of what to say, I glanced at my calendar. My study abroad experience is dwindling down right before my eyes and I realize now that I have neglected Freiburg, my actual home away from home. A couple times in the semester, members of my family have asked me to send them pictures and I sent some of me in Paris, Brussels, London etc. I can't send them a picture of me in Freiburg because I don't have any. It's a shame so instead of blogging about Brussels, I made a Freiburg bucket list.

Firstly, it’s the end of October and I still haven't been to Seepark, literally the most famous park in Freiburg. It's getting cold so I think I missed peak visiting season, but I can still grab a hot chocolate and take a stroll by the lake.

Second, I want to check out the cable car in Schauinsland. Unlike going to Seepark, I think the cable car will be especially beautiful in the winter when it's covered with snow.  The best part about it is that I can get to Schauinsland with my Regiokarte!

Next, I must attend a hockey game. I must. I am so excited for this especially because I'm missing the big hockey game at my college against our rival, and I love hockey.  This is the perfect opportunity to be a true Freiburger for a day and cheer on the Wolves in true Freiburg Fashion.

Third, I'll try my luck at ice skating in the local rink even though I'm sure I'll leave with either a broken arm or leg. Hopefully, a friend will go with me and pick me up when I fall, because I will definitely fall. Practice makes perfect!

Lastly, I want to go to a different restaurant every week. I started this goal of mine last week with tacos at Yepa Yepa and they were delicious. My next target is Thai food at this small place in town that people in my program rave about.

I'm going to try my best to complete my Freiburg Five by the end of the semester. Actually, scratch that, I'm going to hold myself to it and make sure I complete all of my goals. I love traveling but I think I need to starting loving Freiburg a little more and hopefully take some pictures to send to my mom.

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