Iguazú Cataratas (BA Part 2)

Rikki Porter
July 27, 2016

There are truly no words to explain the Chatracas (Waterfalls) de Iguazú! My friends and I had a fantastic time. This will be an experience that I’ll remember forever. We traveled with Bais, a company in Argentina that organizes amazing trips to places all over Latin America. We were on the bus for about 18 hours!  So, when we reached the hostel, all we wanted to do was to take a long, hot shower and go to sleep. However, that didn't happen! The shower was cold and we immediately had to start getting ready to go out to the boliche that night with the group! We stayed out for such a long time.  We were dancing, singing, and having so much fun that we didn't even realize it was 3 AM in the morning! It was so hard to get up in 3.5 hours for 7AM. However, we all made it on time for our trip to the Chatracas. As you can see in the video, it was definitely well worth it! Looking back at the video footage, I kept thinking how truly blessed I am to have had the chance to experience one of God's many amazing works of art so up close and personal! This was by far the highlight of the trip. Thanks to everyone who went on this excursion with me.  You all made it extremely special and an adventure I will never forget! After experiencing Iguazú, I was speechless! This video is only a mere snapshot of the beauty my friends and I had the opportunity to behold. I hope you enjoy watching the video! 
-Chau Rikki 

P.S. Part 3...in the making!!! 

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