¡Viviendo en BA para tres semanas! (BA Part 1)

Rikki Porter
July 14, 2016

I've just spent three amazing weeks in one of the most fascinating cities ever! I feel so attached to this place that I can't imagine ever leaving! This Buenos Aires Summer Program has been so fantastic! Aside from meeting eleven, wonderful, new friends, I also had the opportunity to  stay in the best city in Argentina...Buenos Aires. The local people I have met as well as the places I have explored are truly one of a kind. In our first couple of weeks, my classmates and I had a chance to taste, see, and experience  Argentina! In the first couple of days all we did were activities. From eating great meals and playing futból in Lujan to watching the Frueza Bruta show in Recoleta and getting caught in the rain...all of these attractions have been so exciting. This trip has been nonstop fun! If you have any doubts about ever visiting...Don't!  This place is simply amazing! The only thing I would say is to make sure you are okay with not sleeping so much! This city is alive at all hours of the day and night. Since my home stay location is about a 30 minute bus ride to school every day,  I have become very comfortable with navigating the city. I'm currently on my way to Iguazú Falls with my classmates for a long weekend getaway! Make sure to watch for my next video featuring my classmates and me amidst some incredibly picturesque water falls! Stay tuned for BA (Part 2) coming soon!


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Rikki Porter

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