Now Boarding! A Floridian's Packing Guide for London

Rachel Wichlacz
May 30, 2017
Leaving for London

Finally it's time to leave for London! I am so excited to start my internship…and scared I'll fail at something during my internship. That is nothing new though. I am currently writing from Atlanta where I am waiting for my second flight that will take me across the pond. For those traveling and packing, I wanted to share some advice.

Oh! I forgot to mention my little gator friend Tic will be joining me on my trip! He likes to be in my pictures so be on the lookout for him!

Since London will be about 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit this summer, I needed warmer clothes (I have mostly shorts because I live on the ocean with palm trees). In general, I packed for about a week with shirts (casual and professional) and packed 5 different pairs of pants. I also included a blazer, jean jacket, sweaters, and a heavier coat for the chilly days. I also have a couple dresses, workout clothes, and fuzzy socks just in case I need any of those! :) If you are tight on space like I am, Ziploc space bags are the way to go! They are easy to get at Walmart and very easy to use.

As for toiletries, I planned to buy shower things when I get to London to save space. The only full bottle I packed was contact solution because I like a particular brand. I packed the essentials that I usually pack when traveling (toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, etc.) as well as vitamin C packets and DayQuil/NyQuil to help me stay healthy while abroad. I would recommend bringing a portable charger for your phone so it is always charged. Of course, converters are a must for traveling abroad, so make sure you have the right one for your area (Europe and UK are different).

I packed four pairs of shoes for the internship in London (all happen to be black): business pumps, business flats, tie suede heels, and tennis shoes (not pictured). Because some of my shoes are suede, I brought a spray that can protect them from wear. If you want to do this, the directions are on the can and simple to follow. I was not able to bring my suede spray with me, so I applied two coats to be safe.

The next part is the hard part…making everything fit! This is where the Ziploc space bags come in handy. I was able to fit all of my larger pieces of clothing (excluding my heavy coat) into the bags. The key with them is not to overload the bag, and have different amounts of clothes in each (some thick bags and some thin). You can also put your socks and underwear in your shoes to help save space.

For my carry on, that was harder. I could not pair down anything much because I had computers and books. This was just a puzzle to solve really. Also, make sure your passport, visa, ID, and wallet are accessible in your luggage so you don’t have to waste time searching for them.

Now you are ready to head to the airport! My life for the next two months is now in one suitcase and a big purse. The big thing for me was making sure it was under 50lbs…which it was! It came in at 43lbs which beat my brother's 47lbs. This goes to show that girls can pack lighter than guys!

Packing is the hard part, but it's even harder to say goodbye to family. Not seeing my parents and sister for 2 months will be hard, especially since I will be missing my sister's last dance recital with her first solo. Though it is hard to say goodbye, I know I will have fantastic stories to tell, new experiences to learn from, and a family to share it with after! I can't wait to start my internship in London!

Next time I'll show you what it's like to work in London!

Rachel Wichlacz

<p>My name is Rachel Wichlacz and I am currently a sophomore (second year) college student interning abroad in London. I have previously traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Smokey Mountains in the US, Florida Keys in the US, Rocky Mountains in the US, and several other places where I have photographed scenery. This travel blog will focus on my day to day life in London for my internship so readers, like you, can see what it is like to live here for two months!</p>

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