Wandering London Photo Gallery

Rachel Wichlacz
July 17, 2017
View in Garden - St. Paul's Cathedral

London is such an interesting city. You can walk anywhere and find something amazing to see. This is what I do in my free time (in addition to working on art pieces which I will show in another blog).

I didn't want to have much text for this blog, so I made it a photo gallery. All of the pictures have a description of where about they were. I don't really know exactly where some were because I was wandering.

The areas I took these pictures are the British Museum, Covent Garden, Hyde Park, areas near King's Cross, and St. Paul's Cathedral. The pictures below will appear in this order.

I hope you enjoy my photo gallery!

Rachel Wichlacz

<p>My name is Rachel Wichlacz and I am currently a sophomore (second year) college student interning abroad in London. I have previously traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Smokey Mountains in the US, Florida Keys in the US, Rocky Mountains in the US, and several other places where I have photographed scenery. This travel blog will focus on my day to day life in London for my internship so readers, like you, can see what it is like to live here for two months!</p>

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