How to Commute and Work in London

Rachel Wichlacz
June 26, 2017

Hello all! In this blog post I want to cover my experience commuting to work and interning at TrueStart. It's been an amazing time so far. For all my fellow interns and students out there in London, I hope your time here is just as fun!

First off, commuting in London is much different than in the US. I can't drive here, so my choices are either walk or take the tube (aka London's subway). Here are some pictures from my commute to work via the tube and my walk back to Chapter; of course Tic came along for a day as well!

The whole trip to work is about a half hour. I enter through the Pentonville road entrance to King's Cross Station and take the Victoria line to Victoria Station. From there, I walk to Francis House (TrueStart's office).


Working at TrueStart has been amazing so far! Everyone there is super kind and helpful. I have also gotten to work on a variety of projects. Mainly I've been blogging for their website, but I have also been helping with twitter posts and presentations. The space I work in very open, so there are a lot of nice conversations with others throughout the day!



Now for the walk home! This commute is much longer than the tube…just an hour and a half long! Honestly, it's well worth the walk. There is a lot of great things along the way back to see and it's great exercise too! It is hard to say how I get back exactly since I use landmarks, so I'll describe it that way. First, I walk toward and past Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. Then I walk through Trafalgar Square to SOHO. When I get to the theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is playing, I turn right and walk to the British museum. From there I walk through Russell Square. Now there's 15 minutes left in my walk! After the park I just have to walk toward King's Cross Station and head to Chapter. Here are some pictures from my walk from Francis House to Chapter.




I am tired after walking all that way, but the views are well worth it.

I hope you enjoyed my commute and work descriptions! For those here this summer, I hope you take the time to walk back from work, if you can, to see what you find along the way.

Stay tuned for my next adventure!

Rachel Wichlacz

<p>My name is Rachel Wichlacz and I am currently a sophomore (second year) college student interning abroad in London. I have previously traveled to Poland, Slovakia, Smokey Mountains in the US, Florida Keys in the US, Rocky Mountains in the US, and several other places where I have photographed scenery. This travel blog will focus on my day to day life in London for my internship so readers, like you, can see what it is like to live here for two months!</p>

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