Packing & Nerves

Rachael Travers
June 10, 2013
At first, my empty suitcase seemed so roomy as I prepared to pack for my one month excursion to Salamanca, Spain. Armed with an amorphous list, I started the process. Quite quickly, the space began to diminish! I started the battle, blue dress with the ruffles vs. the blue and white striped one (for any interested parties, the blue ruffled one won). After almost two days of packing, I finially fit everything I think I needed under the weight requirment (according to my mom 45lbs. but according to American Airlines, the total was 50lbs). Step one: complete!
Next came step two of packing: panicking about the other program attendees and traveling to another country. Our group from IES had already created a Facebook group to try to get to know each other a little better, so that alleviated my fears a bit. Most of the exchanges on Facebook are niceties, but everyone seems fun and excited to be abroad. As for me, I have never been abroad before. I’ve heard from friends that some places induced culuture shock. From my research, Salamanca seems like a safe, gorgeous city, but still nothing like I’ve every seen before. My goals of my trip are to revive my high school Spain, explore things I’ve never tried and make friends with students from all over the world. I’m ready to take on this adventure!
Hasta la próxima vez,

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Rachael Travers

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