A Second Family

Paige Balut
October 22, 2018

For me, the scariest part of going abroad or going to college for the first time, is finding out who I will be living with. When I was a freshman, I was terrified of living with another person I didn't know and that fear followed me to Vienna. Right before I arrived, I found out the name of the 5 strangers who I would be sharing an apartment with for the next 5 months. I have been here for 2 months now, and I would not change anything about my living situtaiton. My roomies are some of the most amazing people here in Vienna!

Here are 15 things I would like to thank my roommates for:

1. Thank you for taking spontaneous trips with me


2. Thank you for family dinner nights


3. Thank you for getting lost in Vienna with me because we thought our professor said no Google maps


4.Thank you for encouraging me to exercise with living room YouTube workout sessions


5.Thank you for figuring out the struggles of Vienna with me (such as attempting to do laundry)


6.Thank you for acting like a child and going to the park to play on the swing


7. Thank you for the laughs when we run out of cups and someone decides to put their tea in a bowl


8. Thank you for all the coffee dates


9.Thank you weird selfies with gummy fangs


10. Thank you for performing and running a concert with me


11. Thank you for attending concerts with me


12. Thank you for making fun of how early I go to bed everynight 


13. Thank you for helping me make pierogi and making a mess in the kitchen


14. Thank you for saying "Was ist das?" at the most random times


15. But most importantly, thank you for being a family, Vienna wouldn't be the same without each of you

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Paige Balut

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