Ball is Life

Paige Balut
December 3, 2018

Back in High School, my orchestra put on this event called "Swinging in Vienna." It was a formal dance where the orchestra would play waltzes and the jazz band would play swing music. At this time, I had no idea why we named our dance after Vienna. It was not until looking into studying abroad here that I discovered that Vienna is known for having Balls! Ball season is in January and Feburary but there are a few that are held in December, which is lucky for those studying away in fall semester. This event was something I have been dreaming about since I was a senior in High School. Now three years later, I am happy to say that I danced the night away at a ball in Vienna! 

The ball started at 9:00PM on Friday night, which meant the girls started getting ready around 2:00PM. Since my apartment has a large common area, it soon became home to about 15 different girls coming to get their hair and make up done. There was also the sound of girls walking in their heels attempting to break them in with what little time we had left. It was a crazy time but somehow we all made it to the ball!

Once arriving, we walked around a bit, took pictures and then found a nice spot to watch the opening dance. This ball was held at the beautiful Rathuas. Here we learned about the Ball and that all the money would be going to support the Red Cross. Then the debutantes take the floor and perform their opening piece in their beautiful white dresses. 

After this, it was the audienes turn to dance. The two live bands played many different pieces, so there was never a shortage of music. 

Once the night was done, those leaving the ball were greeted with a nice layer of snow. Overall, the ball was a magical experience. I hope that everyone who studys in Vienna makes it to as least one ball. 

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Paige Balut

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