Hello from Zakopane

Paige Balut
August 10, 2018

Hello people of the internet! This post was going to be posted before I left the States. To make this more of a predepartor post, enjoy a photo of my cat helping me pack...

However, I am currently abroad now touring around Europe. I am writing right now on the bus headed back from Zakopane. That's where the title comes in.


My name is Paige and I will be writing on the IES Abroad blogs this semester. I am attending school at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. There I am studying Music Education. This semester I will be spending my time in Vienna, Austria. I am most excited to meet the other musicians studying abroad with me! Together we can be confused and explore the city. 

While I am abroad, I want to visit as many countries as I can. Today I got to check Solvokia off my list. Zakopane is a town located at the very south of Poland. In the town, there is a cable car that goes to the top of the mountains. Once I reached the top, I was standing at the border of Poland and Solvokia! Here are some photos from my day adventure!

My goal is to share as many photos as I can and to inspire other students to study abroad. While my official study abroad has not started yet, I am already in love with the journey. Follow along with my posts enjoy this semester through the lens of my camera! 

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Paige Balut

<p>Hi! I am a junior Music Education major at Pacific Lutheran University. When I am not practicing or doing schoolwork, I love to spend time with my cat and dog! Fun Fact: I am also a huge supercross fan! I love watching dirtbike races. I also go to a dirtbike track on the weekends to watch my dad ride while I walk my dog around!</p>

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