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Paige Balut
November 13, 2018

I come from a very small college where there isn't a lot to do on the weekends. In Vienna, there is no shortage of activites. However after a hard week of courses, sometimes you just want to get away and take a break. One of my favorite things about Vienna, is how central the location is! Traveling and seeing the rest of the world has never been easier! There are so many options and places to see, why not travel why you are in Europe?

Just a short hour three hours train ride: Prague! This was a city filled with amazing views and great friends!

Or hop on the FlixBus for three hours and find yourself in Budapest! Another great city with a long history!

Take the four hours trainride over to Munich and experience Oktoberfest! Put on your best Dirndl or Lederhose and enjoy some great beer!

If a five hour bus ride doesn't bother you, visit the capital of Croatia! Zagreb is a small town and great for a weekend trip. The 80's musuem was interactive and great for photos.


There is also longer breaks that allow for farther travel. During our mid-semester break, I decided to go up north and visit the Scandinavian Region. 

Helsinki was a very walkable city with some interesting food

Next was Stockholm and here I got to see a 16th century viking ship!

The farthest I traveled from Vienna was Tromso, Norway. This was a small city with lots of husky puppies and the rare chance to see the Northern lights!

Last weekend, my roommate and I traveled up to London and Dublin to practice our English... It was so easy to get there and cost efficient! I made this trip to visit a friend from back home who is also studying abroad! Tip: don't be afriad to take those overly tourist photos!

Staying in your city and getting to know it is great! However, seeing all these other cities is so easy now! So get out there and see the world!



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Paige Balut

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