By the Tracks

Oliver Lowe
March 23, 2016

Two hours of hard street soccer, and my white shirt is soaked through with sweat, and the top of my right foot stings from lacing the leather ball at the opposing teams goal. 

Nadio sees me on the side of the street, bending over, hands grasping my knee's:

"Tall boy, pick it up, we're just getting started!" 

The boys and girls of Gugulethu knew how to have a great neighborhood street session, which is something that I could truly appreciate. 

A childhood that consisted of two older brothers, a wild group of neighborhood bandits, and no game system's or TV time, lead to years of neighborhood debauchery (bike jumps, street hockey, swing set sailing, and pond hockey, to name a few.)

One of the older boy's slips a clean, game-winning goal in between the two flip-flops set up as goal posts, he follows it with a back-hand spring, and doesn't quite stick the landing. We all erupt in laughter. Disappointed in my team's loss, but relieved to catch my breath, I begin to walk towards the grass for some well needed rest. Two steps later, I feel a swarm of excited hands pulling on my shirt. 

"Tall boy, turn it around, time to go the trampoline on the tracks!"



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