Garden Route Games

Oliver Lowe
March 2, 2016

The stewardess' voice echoed throughout the cabin, and sleeping passengers began to regain their form. "Wheels down in Cape Town." I slid open the panel covering my window, and was met with a pure blue sky, framing a set of jagged mountains. Simply put, this place is epic. Day after day, a new adventure to be had, a new place to explore, a new wave to surf, and new people to meet. Here are some highlights from the first three weeks, a trip up the hallowed Garden Route, and some care-free days around Cape Town:

The activities in this video were undertaken during the student’s free time and were not sponsored by IES Abroad.

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Oliver Lowe

<p>My name Is Oliver Lowe, and I&#39;m an adventurer, wanderer, film-maker, and music enthusiast. I grew up in the rural wilderness of the great state of Maine, where I spent my days running around with a group of neighborhood bandits, filming everything from Civil War reenactments to ski trips. Since then, I&#39;ve been on a constant hunt for new and exciting experiences, always with a camera in hand. My filmmaking has taken me to the top of Rocky Mountains, the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and almost everywhere in between.</p>

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