No Money

Noah Beam
May 21, 2017

So when I decided to study abroad in Sydney, Australia, I was not completely aware of how expensive this city is. I was used to splurging with Taco Bell’s $5 boxes and Little Caesar’s $5 Hot-n-Ready pizza. Understandably, I was quite shocked when I realized a meal for under $15 in Sydney was a good deal. This went beyond food though, as activities such as climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge will also run you about $200. For a kid living on a budget, I would not say this is ideal - quite the contrary actually. This hit hard today when I looked at my bank account and realized I still needed to purchase a flight home. I’m not one to give up and settle though, so I’ve developed a cheap guide to excelling in Sydney.


  • Kingston Public has $10 lunches and if you befriend Gigi, you’ll get a free membership card (value of $200) which drops the price even more
  • Urban Bites has $10 dinners (great pasta)
  • Speaking of pasta, cook a lot in your apartment to save money and develop a new skill – Adam and I have become master chefs this semester
  • Bavarian Café cooks delicious $5 hot dogs on Thursdays
  • Happiest Hour tells you which restaurants have food deals on right now


  • Bondi is your best bet – not only do you have an awesome beach, but also a beautiful Bondi to Bronte coastal walk
  • Manly is a Sunday adventure because instead of paying $15 as you would Monday-Saturday, on Sunday you’ll only pay $2.50 – Sydney Harbor National Park also has amazing hiking, better than Bondi in my mind


  • Tag along with every IES Abroad day – these are free and a lot of fun, and you get to hang out with awesome people
  • GroupOn will always have cheaper prices for whatever you want to do
  • Is the Bridge Climb a bit too expensive for you? Try walking across the bridge, still amazing views
  • Speaking of walking, traversing through the city, particularly the CBD, is a great way to make any day better – not only will you have a great destination, but also a great journey
  • Ms Macquarie’s Chair has wonderful views of the harbor, as does the north side of Sydney after you walk across the bridge
  • Museums are free and a great way to spend a lazy, rainy day

When you come to Sydney, just be aware prices are going to be high. Don’t let this discourage you though, because cheap ways to enjoy the city exist; and the cheap ways are hella fun. As a guy who is financing his own college education and experience abroad, I’m here to tell you it’s possible. Despite having a tiny budget and no money, I’m living a wonderful life here in Sydney. I may be ballin’ on a budget, but I’m still ballin’.

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