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Noah Beam
April 25, 2017

So last week I travelled even further around the world to Asia for a trip to Bali. And after nine days of excursions, rides with elephants, markets, infinity pools, beaches, restaurants, hikes, The Bliss pool, and a bout with Bali belly, I have finally returned to Sydney. This kind of vacation was definitely new to me. I have never stayed in a villa before and only dreamed about having a private pool. I’ve always loved monkeys but never thought one would climb on my back the same week I rode an elephant and tickled a tiger’s stomach. I never even comprehended that I’d do all this the same week I bargained for clothing at the Double Six markets, white-water rafted down the Telaga Waja River, visited the Uluwatu temple, watched the Kecac fire dance, and held a snake, just to name a few activities. I’m on vacation for five months, almost 9,000 miles away from home; and I just got to take another vacation from my vacation – how sick is that!


My favorite day of the trip was our dudes’ day on Saturday (#SAFTB). Adam and Ryan (the TCU guys with me) and Brian (our friend we met in Sydney) have continued to show me the importance and impact of “It’s all about the people.” It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, as long as you’re with the right people. But I’d be lying if I said a week in Bali didn’t help that equation. Anyways, this was our first unplanned day and we decided to spend it at the beach and at a few restaurants/beach clubs/resorts on the beach. This study abroad experience has included a lot of firsts, including my first ever cigar as we had dinner at Ku De Ta on the beach, watching the sunset over the ocean, glimmering of one of Bali’s many infinity pools. We’ve taken a lot of pictures thus far, but our picture at Ku De Ta is my favorite. It’s not necessarily the greatest picture but it’s a great remembrance of this day’s awesomeness, evident by the huge smiles on all our faces. Also, the pink-orange sunset in the background is beautiful.


I just went to the Indian Ocean and visited my third continent, so one could say I have visited half the globe. I know I am far from done exploring and have much to see, but I just love thinking that this guy from small-town Parker, Texas, first in his family to attend college, has been blessed with the opportunity to accomplish and experience so much. Being in Bali truly showed me how blessed I am. Not only have I been fortunate enough to attend my dream school, study abroad in Sydney, and visit Bali for a week, but I also have a solid roof over my head and clean drinking water. Visiting the beautiful resorts and walking through Bali, seeing huts and people living in the forest next to rivers with contaminated drinking water really makes one ponder his place in the world. How did I get so lucky to have been able to live my blessed life these past 20 years. I knew studying abroad would challenge me and give me new perspectives. Thank you, Bali, for being the most impactful aspect of this transformation thus far.


My study abroad experience is at its half-way point now. I never imagined I would experience so much in my life, let alone in 2.5 months of studying abroad. I’m beyond stoked for the next 2.5. Thanks for reading along thus far and allowing me to share these amazing times with you.

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