Student Life at City University

Nick West
November 30, 2016
City University Building
As December draws near so does the end of my semester here at City University. Over the past three months I have been exploring this new university that I have been attending. Although I love it here in London I also look forward to getting back to the college town I have called home for the past two years. As one semester comes to a close and another is about to begin I want to be able to reflect on the amazing times I have been able to have this fall. 
From living to school and even just exploring the surrounding area going to City University and being able to live in London has been one of the best experiences that I have ever had. 
Although I have only had a couple of months here at City University there are many aspects that I have grown to love, and even more things that I am just now discovering for the first time. The views from the top Library floor, secret gardens. Baxter’s Coffee, Pret, and a secret study room are all things that I have come to enjoy this semester at City University in London. 
Who would have known that the top floor of the library provided such spectacular views of the London skyline? The views that are offered from like the library are unlike any other that you can find in the area. But this is just one of many characteristics that City University has to offer. Between food at Baxter’s Coffee and Pret, and hard-to-find gardens and study areas there are an incredible number of hidden gems that City has to offer. 
Continue reading to see all of the things that I have discovered about my student life in London and City University. 

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