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Nick West
October 28, 2016
Buckingham Palace Gates
London is notorious for their cloudy weather. This is true, but the London weather is not at all what I had imagined it to be. Yes, there are most certainly days where it is cloudy and cold and rainy. However, we have also had numerous days where the sun continued to shine from early hours in the morning until it set in the evening. It is on these days that I find the best way to spend the afternoon is to go out on your own little London adventure (Only after class has finished, of course!) Some of the most fun that I have had in London is simply exploring the capital that I have now have found myself in for just a little more than a month now. The English devoted entire centuries to exploring the world. Now it’s our turn to do a bit of exploring ourselves. This week I set out to see all of the different public spaces that London had to offer. Check out some of the places I was able to find!

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Nick West

<p>My name is Nick and I am a student at Purdue University and always a kid at heart. I am a Chicago native who often times kept busy with sports, leading campus tours, classes (Yuck!), and daydreaming about the many places I hope to one day be able to visit. I grew up in the midwest, but I have always felt at home in the city. If not found in New York City fingers that I am, at that time, traveling the world.</p>

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