Chips and Waffles and Shakes OH MY!

Nick West
October 21, 2016
Big Ben
London is an absolutely amazing city, and I knew that from the moment I arrived. There was no greater feeling than coming out from the Holborn Tube Station, being dropped off in the heart of the city, and being left to realize that I had three months to explore every nook, cranny, and alleyway that this new home had to offer. I spent my first week trying to do every activity that came to mind. I had seven days before classes began and I wanted to make the most of free time I had. 
I loved my first few days in London. The weather was without a single drop of rain, people could not have been more friendly, and to top it all off, everyone has a wonderful British accent. However, London isn’t without its flaws. Although I had a great first impression there were definitely moments of the good, the bad, and then the ugly. 
My first impressions: 
1. If you are willing to take a minute and search, there are some fantastic places to eat. Some of my favorite places I have found so far are listed down below. Both SoHo and Shoreditch come in as top favorite neighborhoods thus far. 
2. Be prepared to dodge and weave your way around the sidewalk. At first, I had convinced myself that I was the crazy one. Could it just be me? I am I simply walking along the wrong side of the sidewalk? And is that why I’m running into everyone? 
NOPE! Here in London there is no rhyme or reason and people simply walk wherever they want to. You will run into people. It’s inevitable. 
3. The underground Tube network is wonderful and crazy and everything in-between. There isn’t anywhere in the city where you can’t go. However, be aware that rush hour is insane. Secondly, all lines stop after midnight, so make sure that you know exactly how you are getting back. The last train will not wait for you. 
4. Grocery stores will have some American snacks, but be prepared to search high and low for your favorite items, like peanut butter. And when you do find what you’re looking for it makes you feel like you are just that much closer to home. 
5. No matter how crazy things can get, London is an excellent city. It can get loud at times, and nothing ever slows down. However, London is a wildly diverse city and the people could not possibly be nicer. 
Continue reading for more great London finds, and see what I thought about my adventures throughout the first week I spent in my new city! These are some of my favorite experiences I have had thus far. Alert: there is  more than one that includes indulging in delicious treats throughout London. 

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