It's Decided. I Will Live in Prague One Day.

Nathan Outlan
November 25, 2016

So this post is going to be kind of different. Usually I like to just sit down and write my stream of consciousness, whatever that may be as I write these blogs, because I feel as though it makes the whole blog thing a little more honest. However, this blog is going to be about making sure to go to the places you want to go before time runs out. It will still be stream of consciousness, but might actaully have some sort of direction. Many older people will talk about how we should travel and do all of that stuff while we are young, because- for most of us- we will not be able to travel around all of the time once we are older. More responsibilities come into play and a load of other things that can hold you back from being able to say: "Hey, I'm gonna go study and live in a completely foreign country for a few months and will have no repercussions from doing so... in fact, it is actually something that people want me to do. So why not?" That is an opportune period; so please take advantage of it.

I intro with this, because Prague has been at the top of my list for years now. I was finally able to make it over to the Czech Republic this month and it really lived up to every aspect I thought it would. I got in at about 5pm and by the end of the night I had randomly walked into the oldest brewery in Prague, a free showing at the Prague modern art museum on the river and then was able to snag the literal last table at a jazz house that was on the river. I am not really into jazz, but the Balkan Quintet played and it was one of the coolest shows I have ever been to. They mixed old style Balkan with this new kind of thing and it just turned into this indescribable genre. Honestly, that is Prague in a nutshell: Indescribable. It has so many different things coming together into one. I have been many places, but this outdoes every other city. Of course it is subjective, but Prague is the coolest city on Earth in my eyes. The architecture is where you can see it the most. There is this brutalist style left over from the communist era mixed in with the rococo French influence and on top of that there is this chic eastern euro thing going on. Then, everyone at restaurants and such seem so happy and the street performers come in from the street and just start playing music out of nowhere and people start singing. To me, the place is everything cool thrown together. I got great food, music and art thrown at me from the start. It was the perfect trip. I stayed for a few more days and then headed on to Vienna to meet other friends in my program for Halloween. I loved Vienna, too. It is a great city and if you have not been, then you must go. Vienna is much more groomed than Prague, which explains why it is so much more expensive. 

Overall, I just want whoever is reading this to actually go out and see the places you want to see. Yeah, you may be saying to yourself that a job or something will not stop you, but who knows what cards you will be dealt in a few years. Do it while you can...


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