Copenhagen and Thanksgiving

Nathan Outlan
November 25, 2016

So I didn't really think Thanksgiving would be that great if celebrated here in Germany, but I was quite wrong. I had been in Copenhagen the weekend before Thanksgiving and was glad I could squeeze in another trip to a city I have always wanted to go to. It was a very eclectic city with lots of different cool areas and great food. I liked the weather too, since I am a big fan of overcast with low rain. It rained almost every day, but it was more in the realm of a sprinkle than an actual rain. It also lasted for a short period. Real windy place, which is understandable when considering the geography. It was fun to ride around the city on a bicycle. I thought Freiburg was bike freindly... you don't know bike rights till you see more bikes on the road than cars. So that was interesting to experience. I stayed there for a few days and enjoyed it thoroughly. I was kind of happy to get back to Germany, where a sandwich is two euro and not ten... Needless to say, Copenhagen will drain your wallet like no other. 

I got back around eight and was able to make it to the dinner everyone in our program had organized at one of my friends places here in Vauban. We thought it would be nice to have a little get together that Sunday before Thanksgiving so almost everyone could get back and be able to join. It was nice having almost everyone in the program under one roof. Rarely does that happen for such an extended time. Once you start to get comfortable in a program, people start to go their own ways and feel confident in doing so. Overall, it was a great night before we all finished up our third to last class in the program. 

Then, on actual Thanksgiving, we got together with the other programs and had a dinner that was sponsored by the IES Abroad program. It was good and people were getting up the whole time and playing the piano or singing songs in German. Very lively. Went to Copenhagen, did well on my final and then had Thanksgiving celebrations... I'd say it was a good week.


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