Came For the Steak, Stayed for the Culture: A Trip to Buenos Aires

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Mira Diamond-Berman
October 21, 2023

Buenos Aires is a huge city with plenty to do. When I booked my 4-day trip to Buenos Aires I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to see everything. Although there is always more to see and I would love to return to see some sites and eat traditional foods I missed, I managed to see quite a lot in just four days. My big regret was not trying the famous Argentinian pizza, which comes without tomato sauce. It’s just thick bread and tons of cheese. Sounds delicious!

Despite my failure in the pizza department, I still checked off the most museums, historical sites, and restaurants on the list of my fellow travelers and me. We managed to organize my trip so that I spent each day in a different neighborhood with a group of sites to see and restaurants to eat. Most of the time in Buenos Aires we were walking from place to place instead of hopping on the metro, bus, or taking an Uber.

Unlike the large city of Santiago, where I spent much of my day on public transportation going from place to place, in compact Buenos Aires I was able to squeeze in many sites in just four days. Another unique aspect of Buenos Aires is the distinctive Argentinian accent. The “ll” and “y” letters are pronounced as “sh”, so words like “se llama” sounds more like “se shama”. I found Argentinian Spanish much easier to understand than the fast-paced Chilean dialect. However, I did get quite confused at the restaurant when a waiter pronounced pollo (chicken) as “posho.” Luckily, by the end of my four-day trip, I was able to adjust to the accent, and not all that many words have a double L. 

Here are some photos from my trip to Buenos Aires: 

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