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Howell Pierce
July 2, 2024

One thing that I feel goes unnoticed about studying abroad and traveling is the realization that the wonders of this world are far greater than the worries of our minds. As a pre-med student, I spend much of my days worried about what’s to come, losing sight of what is right in front of me. While the Santiago Health program has given me material to study it has also provided me with space to choose exploration. Instead of remaining indoors studying this past weekend, my professor encouraged us to travel. A group of my classmates and I decided to go surfing in a small beach town called Pichilemu. I went surfing at sunset and seeing the waves crash over the rocks with the sun painting the sky was an experience I will never be able to describe. I was struck by a peace that I’ve never felt before. It was in this moment that I realized that as students but more importantly as humans, we have to let go of what isn’t in our control. School will always be there. It is so important to put your best foot forward in education, but this experience has also reminded me of the joys of adventure. There have been many moments during my time here where I have felt so at peace with life. For example; when I wake up every morning and see the snow covered mountains, when I hike and sit at the top of a mountain, every sunset, the sounds of the city, and so much more. If you are questioning whether or not to study abroad, I urge you to let go of what isn’t and choose adventure. 

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Howell Pierce

My name is Howell Pierce. I am a rising Junior at Furman University. I am a pre-med student, and I am majoring in Psychology and Spanish. I am passionate about public health reform, community health and social media. 

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