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Mimi Price
January 13, 2014

The other day I was listening to Christmas tunes on the radio, when “My Favorite Things” from “The Sound of Music” came on (which is, incidentally, one of my favorite things.) It made me start thinking about all my favorite things to do and places to go in Paris. And more importantly, my favorite places to eat, because that is what France is really about. So here is my list of the best of Paris:

The Best Thing to do on a Sunday:
Annoyingly, most of Paris slows down (or shuts down completely) on Sundays. One week I accidently left my grocery shopping until Sunday, and I had to walk around my neighborhood for 45 minutes before I could finally find something to eat. Luckily, the Marais, Paris’ historically Jewish neighborhood, is lively on Sundays. And the Marais happens to be one of my favorite places to grab a meal on the go in Paris. The falafel in the Marais is to die for, especially at L’As du Falafel. According to the large signs in the windows, it’s even recommended by Lenny Kravitz. But the Marais is good for more than eating, there are cute shops on small winding streets. I like the Marais because it looks different from the wide, sweeping boulevards that make up most of Paris. And on a lazy Sunday, it is the perfect place for a stroll and some people watching.

The Best Thing to Eat:
You know you go to a creperie too often when the people there know you and what you want. But nothing beats a Nutella and banana crepe at any time of day. It can be breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or a snack. That is what makes crepes so perfect. My favorite place is just of Place Saint-Michel because I can pick up my crepe and then sit along the Seine and watch the river cruises float by. Also, they put TONS of Nutella into their crepes. And you can never have too much Nutella!

My Favorite Sight in Paris:
To really understand why this place is called “The City of Light,” you have to go to Trocadero at night and see the Eiffel Tower sparkle. No picture ever does it justice, but the view of the Eiffel Tower glittering in the night sky and reflecting off the waters of the Seine is one of the most perfect things you will ever see.

My Favorite Place to Shop:
The bouqinistes along the Seine are small green stalls that sell vintage books. I love browsing through all the old novels and vintage postcards. It is the perfect place to find souvenirs for my family and friends.

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