A Weekend In Salamanca

Micaela Ferguson
January 14, 2016

A typical weekend studying abroad in Salamanca usual begins after classes end on Thursday. After my last class of the week, I will go home for lunch, and after lunch I might spend the afternoon at a café studying. This video begins as I leave the café and make my way back home. It is about a 15 minute walk home that usually takes 20 or so minutes because of all the distractions along the way. We walk through the Plaza Mayor, which oftentimes will have some sort of event going on. 

Later that night, we go to a womens' basketball game to support Salamanca’s favorite team. The fact that so many people are such large fans of the women’s basketball team makes me very happy. I have gone to enough Los Angeles Sparks games to know that, where I am from, women’s sports do not have the same popularity as mens’. But in Salamanca, it’s different.

The next day I go on a field trip with my surrealism class to the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. Before coming to Spain, I did not know a good deal about surrealist art, but now I understand and love it so much more. Our professor is our tour guide through the museum, and we are able to see many paintings that we learned about in person. It is a completely different experience when you know so much about the stories behind the paintings and the artists themselves. It makes the work so much more valuable.

On Saturday we wake up early for a trip to Toledo. After a tour of the city, we are given free time to explore on our own. Although I did not get video footage of this, we actually went zip lining across the river there. It was a beautiful city and a memorable day. 


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