Trip to Lisbon

Micaela Ferguson
December 11, 2015

One of my favorite parts about studying abroad is getting to independently travel with friends. Here is an overview of our stay in Lisbon, Portugal. I don't think any of us really new what to expect from the trip, and we really played everything by ear when we got there. Because of this, each day brought new adventures. As is quite obvious from the video, we loved our hostel. They were so nice to us and gave us tons of tips about where to go and what to do. And the rooms surpassed all of our expectations. Lisbon is a beautiful city full of amazing architecture and beautiful sights. I especially loved all of the tiles that lined many buildings.

We traveled to Sintra to see the Palace of Pena and we loved how it looked like a Disney castle. Other highlights included a ferry ride to an island across the way with a great view of Lisbon. Although we did not have enough time to see everything there is to see in Lisbon, I think we did a great job with the time we had. We also all learned an important lesson: when waiters put bread on your table before a meal, it's not free! In the U.S. we are spoiled with free bread baskets, and my friends and I fell into the trap. But I have to say, the bread was delicious and incomparable to the free bread buns in restaurants back home.

Overall, our trip was a success. Although the overnight train ride to get there was not the best idea for my sleep cycle - or my back!

Here are some pictures from the trip!

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