Midway Panic

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Megan Kempton
March 19, 2024
Me in front of Tower Bridge

It’s now March. Midterms have passed, the sun is starting to come out, and the reality of returning to America is starting to become scarily ever-present. Frankly, I’m a bit stressed and scared. Job applications, figuring out housing for next year, planning my schedule for next semester, it’s hard not to feel like my abroad bubble is bursting. Sometimes I can find myself so wrapped up in my anxieties about returning to America that it can be hard to appreciate my time here in London. I had been dreaming about studying abroad for years, and the fact that I’m not only actively doing it but that it will be a thing of the past soon is nothing short of a torment. Because of this, I wanted to make something of a gratitude journal. I’m a big fan of rose bud thorns (cheesy as it is), and while my anxieties about returning are certainly my thorn, I encourage everyone dealing with these same fears to acknowledge them, hear them, and then appreciate the good.

My Roses (good things that have already happened):

  • Being here! (Generally)
  • The trip to Edinburgh
    • I got to feed a deer and it was the best thing I’ve ever done I think
  • Seeing theatre
    • Look out for a comprehensive theatre review, but I’ve seen over 10 shows so far
  • Spending more time with myself
  • Having more free time
  • Getting to be around loved ones
  • Trying amazing food!
    • My favorites have been The Jam, Bill’s, and Borough Market (basic I know, but it’s so good!!)
  • Taking fun classes!
  • Visiting museums
    • This goes with taking fun classes, my art history class has taught me so much and going to museums every week has been absolutely amazing
  • Taking dance classes
    • I’ve been taking weekly dance classes at Pineapple Studios and it has been incredible to get myself back in the studio
  • Quirky nightlife
    • This has included mini golf, a blacklight arcade, and more! (DC–where I go to school–could never)

My Buds (things I’m looking forward to):

  • My mom is coming next week! 
    • I’m very excited to show her around
  • Exploring Europe with my lovely partner after the semester
  • Spring in London
  • Trying even more restaurants (making reservations soon)
  • Seeing even more theatre
  • Making sure I explore the city more comprehensively
  • And more more more! (I’m trying to be more spontaneous)


Try to find gratitude when anxiety hits. Going home probably won’t be the easiest thing, but finding gratitude while I still have time left will help me feel grateful for what I’ve experienced once it is over. I have found so much love and light while here, and while everything must end, take a moment to reflect, breathe, and take everything moment by moment.

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