Dorm Room Assignments, Cat Cafe, Meiji Shrine and More!

Maysam Alani
July 1, 2016

Hey everyone! In this vlog, we left the hotel that we stayed at for the first night. We made our way over to the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center where we got assigned our dorm rooms, which will be our home for the next handful of weeks! After that, I unpacked my bags and called it a day!

The next day, we met some of our EPALs! Not all of the EPALs were able to come. So, I didn’t get to meet my EPAL until later! But, it was fun nonetheless! We all split up into smaller groups and paired up with EPALs. The group I was in went to Akihabara and checked out Yodobashi Camera, which is a huge department store with a lot of everything! We spent two hours on the 3rd floor! That made us hungry. So, we went to the 8th floor and ate very delicious cold soba! Actually, I recommend cold soba for those that are vegetarian or are looking for halal foods. It is especially good for cooling down on hot summer days! Next, we went to visit a cat café, which, for me, was the highlight of that day!

We visited MoCHA Cat Café in Ikebukuro. It was a little bit on the pricey side, however. It was 200 Yen for 10 minutes. Guess how long we stayed there for? 10 minutes, which was not enough time to get as much footage as I wanted! But, I definitely want to visit again and vlog some more! The cats were so adorable! The atmosphere was really nice too! Inside, there is a small library with a collection of books, including manga, that you can read while drinking tea/coffee and pet your new cat friend.

On the 29th, we explored Meiji Shrine, which is a short walk away from the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center, a.k.a Yoyogi Center. It was very beautiful and we saw two wedding ceremonies! I caught one on video just for you guys! :)

The next blog post will be about more things that we did on the 29th like visiting the Pokémon Center and SEGA arcade!

Please comment or email me if you have any questions! :)


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