Arrival & First day

Maysam Alani
June 7, 2016


This video covers the flight to Japan and the first day at Narita.

I talk about where you can get a SIM card for your phone. You can get one from Narita Airport. There are many options but I found that the U-mobile prepaid SIM cards work best and are affordable. The SIM cards usually work on unlocked US phones and all non-US phones. I know many students that have US locked phones opt for a pocket Wi-Fi, although a little on the pricey side, it is very convenient.

Once I arrived at Narita Airport, I called Mr. Caleb Foale, the Center Director to let him know. Soon after, a member from the staff met me. We waited until more students arrived so that we could check-in to our hotel for that night. After check-in, we all went to Naritasan Shinshoji Temple. Taking a stroll to the temple and walking around there was the perfect thing to do on the first day. It was a short walk away and easily located. It also gave us a taste of Buddhist Japanese-style temple architecture.

We grabbed food from a konbini (convenience store, Lawson) and called it a day! It was hard to differentiate between the pork and chicken meals because I don't know how to read any kanji. However, there is ~almost~ nothing Google Translate can't translate! In any case, I just tried to avoid meat so that I could #KeepItHalal. So, my first meal in Japan was rice, vegetables, macarons, and coleslaw. FANCY.

Although I knew I was in Japan, it hadn't hit me yet! It was only until I turned on the TV in the hotel room the next morning that I realized and thought, "Man, I'm completely lost."

Please note that even before coming to Japan I was expecting to be put into the level 100 class. If you are also expecting to be put into level 100 when you start this program, also expect to both feel and be lost! But, don't panic or feel hopeless and scared, you will pick up important phrases and words very fast if you try your best to do so! You can also try to always have someone with you who is in the higher level classes, they'll be able to translate and help you learn more!

Maysam Alani

<p>I am Maysam Al-Ani, a Media Industries and Technologies junior at Northwestern University in Qatar. I am a Muslim and am originally from Iraq. My passions are film (production and post-production), screenwriting, anime, and video games. I am a huge fan of travelling and learning about different cultures and people.</p>

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