Things That Caught My Eye in Le Marais and Montmartre

Max Amar-Olkus
September 19, 2017

Paris is one of the most photographed cities on earth for good reason. The architecture, the art, and the people in the city have captivated photographers for over a century now. 

I have always tried to create unique images and focus on the small details of daily life that often go overlooked or ignored. In a city where beauty surrounds you, it gets easy to become desensitized to the splendor and meticulous artistry that exists throughout Paris. 

The photos accompanying this post, not cliché images of monuments such as the Arc De Triomphe or the Tour Eiffel, are representative of the Paris I have experienced so far. 

Stay tuned for the next set of photos. 

Max Amar-Olkus

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