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May 21 4:49am

Abroad Bucket Lists: The Final Countdown

Post by Mallory Brander

Half way through the semester I was asked: Tell us 3 things that are on your study abroad bucket list.

May 21 2:24am

End-of-semester reflection

Post by Nicole Stein

I posed some questions before studying abroad, and in this post I do my best to reflect on my time in Spain and answer.

May 20 5:49pm

Coming Home: What It's Really Like

Post by Helena Haynes

I’ve been back in the U.S. for about a week now. I think people underestimate how much your mental and physical health is impacted by the transition you experience when coming home from study abroad.

May 20 12:06pm

Two Days Left Until I Board the Plane to Barcelona

Post by Audrey Bailey

When my Spring semester classes ended, I felt like I had all the time in the world to prepare for my summer abroad. The past couple of weeks have flown by, and now my flight to Barcelona is in only two days.

May 20 11:55am

Countdown to Paris

Post by Sam Kornylak

Back in April, I had a realization: I was less than two months away from studying abroad in France. The time that I’ll spend in Paris would be the same as the time from then to when I leave. Half of me hoped it would feel like a long time.

May 19 7:24pm

The Best Study Spots in Nice

Post by Taylor Quinn

While studying abroad provides so many opportunities to travel and experience new cultures, there is still studying to do. Especially around midterms and finals, you'll find me holed up with my notes and a coffee.