Martin Lopez Melendez

<p>My name is Martin and I am a 20-year-old student studying at Lewis &amp; Clark College in Portland Oregon. I'm majoring in World Languages with my two main languages being French and Russian and minoring in dance. I was born in a small rural area in Mexico and immigrated to California when I was 13. At age 16 I embarked on a 2-year adventure at the United World College USA located in northern New Mexico. I love talking to people, seeing and learning about new places. In my free time, I love dancing, reading, working out, and spending time with friends. I am also a goat lover and consider myself a goat expert.</p>

2021 Fall
Home University:
Lewis and Clark College
Coalinga, CA/La Piedad, Mexico

Blogs by Martin Lopez Melendez

Martin Lopez Melendez,

From the park to modeling

A little story of how I decided to step out of my comfort zone and ended up doing something I never thought I would. Learned new skills and made new friends.

Martin Lopez Melendez,

From masks to baguettes

The transition from being masked on plane for about 9 hours to going outside and buying baguettes at a local bakery. You’ll also see what my peers and I think...

Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn dancing.
Martin Lopez Melendez,

Off to Paris, a (fun) narrative.

This blog post is about my pre-departure adventure from going to get my visa until getting to NYC to wait for my France flight. Also, how I feel about studying...